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Overall length 3.5mm slotted set screw sizes chart
Nominal diameter :  M2, M2.5, M3
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Overall length 3.5mm set screrw is not included in hexagon socket set screws.
 2.5mm size chart in click
 3mm size chart in click
 3.5mm size chart
 4mm size chart in click
 5mm size chart in click
Material  Free-cutting steel (ASK2600S)
with zinc plating (Black and White)
Stainless steel (ASK3000FL)
Tip shape  Flat point
Cone point
Oval point
Flat point
Cone point
Nominal diameter Overall length (mm)
M2 3.5 M2x3.5 M2x3.5
M2.5 M2.5x3.5 M2.5x3.5
M3 M3x3.5 M3x3.5

  • For example, M2x3.5 size is the nominal diameter M2, length 3.5 mm.
  • You click a cell of size, a drawing of detailed dimensions is displayed.
    Please confirm the screw pitch, the tolerance of overall length, etc. in detailed drawing.
  • Click each Tip shape to display a list of "nominal diameters" and "overall lengths" by its tip shape.
  • Click each Nominal diameter to display a list of "tip shapes" and "overall lengths" by its nominal diameter.

We are manufacturing the flat point set screws in the cutting work. Therefore, the flatness accuracy of the flat point set screws is less than 0.01mm. In addition, the squareness of the threaded portion and the flat portion is less than 0.01mm. And, the variations of the flat diameter is less than 0.02mm.

Free-cutting steel (ASK2600S) is easy to be rusted, our standard stocks offers black or white zinc plating (trivalent). Other plating (electric nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, etc.) is possible as a special order product.